Tuesday, March 21, 2006

How to prepare for the next hurricane (Part 1)

Given the latest admission by the NOPD that it had enough time to confiscate weapons from law-abiding citizens during the immediate aftermath of Katrina (article by John R. Lott), I thought it would be appropriate to discuss what you may need for the upcoming storm season. Now, I'm assuming that if this applies to you, you're either foolish enough to stay or unable to leave AND you've stockpiled enough food and water to last until FEMA figures out which direction South is. A month should be sufficient.

Ok, so you've decided to stay and you're victualed, what next? A gun, of course! And not to be foolhardy, you need to be licensed and trained. This is where the friendly Louisiana State Police come in with their handy Concealed Handgun permit website (link). Here you'll learn all you need to know to start packing some serious heat. As you've no doubt heard from articles or anecdotally or articles that reported anecdotal evidence, people found weapons, especially shotguns and handguns, very useful in New Orleans after Katrina, even without resort to firing their weapon in many cases. Given the flooding and ongoing rescue operations, the NOPD had difficulty responding to reports of violence, assuming it was even possible to report it.

Note, that this is the same NOPD which recently cleared officers of looting the Tchoupitoulas St. Wal-Mart "live and direct" for the MSNBC audience, even finding time to be "discourteous" to the reporter who had the bad grace to imply that the officers needed to arrest the looters. Hmmm, time to loot and take guns from citizens, no time to stop actual crime... right in front of your face... on national TV. Great!

To be sure, the Conceal Carry permit does not include shotguns. Lord, would that be a giant fella who could conceal ol' bark on his person. Anyway, keep in mind that a weapon is no laughing matter, though our local leadership is, and you should always avoid confronting a criminal at all cost. Nevertheless, some situations can't be fully prepared for or avoided and that's where a good gun can make your day.

Take care.


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Friday, March 03, 2006

Just so you know...

Following a death in the family and the recent holiday, this picture about sums up my last two weeks. Thanks to cheezwiz for sending this pic to me.

Over the next several weeks our local politics will begin to pick up steam, and NAMN will be, too. Hopefully, our audience will still be in the mix.


Don't you dare read any more of this!