Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Forman to the Rescue

Director of the Audubon Nature Institute and commnity leader Ron Forman has announced his candidacy for Mayor of New Orleans. Mr. Forman is a proven business leader, his list of accomplishments is long and distinguished, foremost, rebuilding and transforming an aging, decrepit zoo into a world class facility. He has brought national and international attention to the region, more importantly, he has created numerous jobs and helped many small businesses that support the Audubon institute.

He is a proven leader that will serve the city of New Orleans well.

From the political perspective, he is a fresh face with significant name recognition and a huge financial warchest. He is not business as usual, no offense to Mitch Landrieu but what has the Landrieu family really accomplished in New Orleans, look at the tax record for Mitch Landrieu and Mary Landrieu and Moon Landrieu. They are tax and spend liberals, they increase the size of government which serves no one.

Forman will garner the majority of Republican and conservative Democrat support, he will also be a formidable candidate for the business community. He essentially erodes completely the base of support that propelled Ray Nagin into office. Combined with popular support from a broad spectrum of civic leaders throughout New Orleans he will be a formidable candidate.

With large amounts of the African-American vote relocated, temporarily or otherwise, this will prove, in this writer's opinion, the political death knell of not only Mayor Nagin, but also the exit of Marlin Gussman as Sheriff, Eddie Jordon as District Attorney, and most assuredly the exit of both Clerks of Court (Criminal -- Kimberly Williamson Butler and Civil -- Dale Atkins).



At 2:45 PM, Blogger Scott M. Phillips said...

Could someone post Ron Forman's full business history? I would hate to get fooled by yet another psuedo-businessman running for mayor.

At 8:44 PM, Blogger Scott M. Phillips said...

Ok, so a question from a friend spurred me to think a little further on this, and I'm going to make a prediction.

Here goes: 1) This isn't much of a surprise to Nagin, since this came from his corner, so to speak. 2) This is Nagin's "Howard Baker" moment. Who's Howard Baker, you may ask? Well, he's the Republican who finally put an end to the Nixon administration. It was one thing for the Democrats to want Nixon out (and they could have likely done it), but when Baker, in so many words, told Nixon to get out, that was it. 3) I think Nagin will decide not to run for reelection and perhaps salvage what's left of his dignity. 4) This will happen within the next week.

That's my two cents, but don't jump my stuff if I'm way wrong on this.

At 10:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is Forman's website address?

At 11:40 PM, Blogger Peter Fenerk said...

Ron Forman has built a credible record and has many backers. One rather sad fact is that being competent and honest in the business world doesn't necessarily bleed over to the politics of running a city (Nagin: case in point). Maybe a candidate like Peggy Wilson or even Mitch Landrieu who have been through the political wars and understand how government works (or doesn't work) would be better for an ailing city.


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