Monday, January 16, 2006

Giving Willy Wonka a Run for His Money

To think I was starting to believe that the traffic on this blog slowed down because we had moved forward with rebuilding our lives. Moving from a state of frustration at the lack of leadership in the city of New Orleans to a new year, complete with insurance settlements and future plans.

Then I see the news today. Somebody should check and see whether they took the real Mayor Nagin and hid him in a basement closet at City Hall. What the hell happened?

"A chocolate city?" Has he lost his mind? Next thing you know, he'll be searching through wonka bars looking for a golden ticket. Then, he'll blame President Bush or Governor Blanco when he doesn't get it.

This time, the Mayor did it to himself. There is no one to blame here. He said those inflammatory things. He went and called out the President for being in Iraq for the wrong reasons. He used derogatory slang to talk about the racial make-up of the city. (Not to mention it was his fault in the first place that he didn't have enough buses to take people out of the sweltering Superdome. Better yet, he was the guy that had no clue that people were starving at the Convention Center.)

The days of waffling and back-tracking need to end now.

Nagin appointed the almighty Bring New Orleans Back Commission and then contradicted them when they wanted to implement a four-month moratorium on building. The Mayor approved a plan with all of the local tourism professionals and other leaders regarding Mardi Gras, then he said he had nothing to do with it.

He has made no progress in short-term housing, presented no ideas for economic development (except for the casino zone, remember that one?), and constantly worked to shift the blame to everyone but himself.

For the smartest guy we've ever had as Mayor, he sure has a habit of looking dumb.

Our biggest problem is that we have no real prospects to take this guy on in the election this spring. New Orleans is desperate for someone with true vision, an understanding of our culture, racial relations and economic future, regardless of their color or religion.

We are starving for direction and our elected officials, especially the mayor and city council, are the last ones to get the joke.

I will credit the Mayor today in one aspect - continued violent crime, such as the shootings at yesterday's second line, will keep everyone away and kill the collective fortunes of the city and our hopes forever.

Every day or so, you wake up and think today we'll get something done. Today, we'll move closer to a safer city, getting closer to home or more business opportunities. Then, you get back to your FEMA trailer or temporary housing 70 miles away and all you want to do is forget everything you saw and heard. Maybe tomorrow, b/c I am ashamed of Mayor Nagin today.


At 10:44 AM, Blogger Peter Fenerk said...

You should be ashamed of Ray Nagin every day. His statement that God intends New Orleans to be a "chocolate city" is racist in its purest form.


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