Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Giuliani Pass

Dear Mayor Nagin,

After watching your interview with Eric Paulsen, I have a few comments you need to hear from someone like myself. However, before I go into all that, let me say that Mr. Paulsen’s interview must have felt like a velvet glove. I’m quite disappointed in Eric’s performance given what he told me personally was his personal agenda in interviewing you. I guess passions cooled and he’s decided he wanted continued access to your office.

Now on to your specific comments.

First, you mention that your detractors and political enemies were plotting against you and looking to make hay from your performance of late. I guess you’ve so little good news to share that you have decided to deliver to us the obvious; however, you failed to mention those of us who supported you pre-Katrina and would have supported you again. We are the ones who put you in office, not your enemies and detractors, yet you seem incapable of acknowledging the fact that WE are upset with your leadership.

Perhaps, the strain is a little more than you’re capable of handling.

Second, your latest talking point appears to be that we must all come together in order to get what we want. That's true, however, where does it state that we have to allow you to lead us toward our newfound togetherness? Are you arrogant enough to believe you are the only one who is capable of this task? That question was rhetorical, by the way.

Finally, you mention that you aren't getting "the Giuliani Pass", which I take it you mean to say, "Unceasing praise and glory heaped upon your person without anyone questioning your leadership." True, as you said, the scope of this disaster far exceeded the WTC attacks, and this is the nation's greatest single natural catastrophe; however, your response, both before and afterwards, do not warrant in this writer's opinion any sort of praise, much less a "pass" of any type. The 9/11 attacks weren't something anyone could have planned for, unlike a hurricane.

Mayor Nagin, please for your sake and ours start admitting your specific mistakes and how you plan to rectify them, and stop with the paranoia.

Uncle Speed


At 11:56 PM, Blogger Peter Fenerk said...

Nagin has a bigger set of cajones than I thought mentioning his own name in the same context as Rudy Giuliani's. Regarding leadership, intellectual sophistication, and class, Nagin couldn't carry Rudy's jockstrap.

At 7:09 PM, Blogger Jimmy Huck said...

peter fenerk - At least Nagin, as far as we know, respects his marital vows and treats the women in his life decently. Giuliani may be a worthy leader and sophisticated intellectually, but the classy part you might have to rethink.

At 12:49 AM, Blogger Peter Fenerk said...

Gee... could Huck be a democrat? Is it a stretch to believe he is in the whopping 19% in the recent poll who will again support Blanco for gov? Clinton gets bj's in the Oval Office but Giuliani's a cad for being divorced - the old double standard. And yeah baby, get used to Rudy...bocce ball will soon be played on the white house lawn.

At 8:26 PM, Blogger Jimmy Huck said...

peter fenerk - Well, yes, I am a democrat. And I voted for Blanco the first time around, but am not planning to the second time around. I also think Clinton getting a bj in the Oval Office makes him a cad, as well. None of this gets Giuliani off the hook -- not for his divorce, per se, but how he handled it and treated his ex-wife in the process. That is what makes him a cad. And, as far as I know it about Nagin, he may be all sorts of bad things as a politician and a leader, but a classless cad he ain't.

At 9:20 PM, Blogger Scott M. Phillips said...

I don't know about Nagin's being a cad or not, but it's quite classless to assert others are to blame for one's own mistakes, which Nagin continues to do.

At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jimmy Huck,

Thanks for voting for Blanco! She is doing a bang up job. I don't know how you would not want to vote her into another term. God, imagine if Jindal was in office. Scary! Blanco is making our state look real powerful as she attatcks the feds and FEMA and everyone else that we are requesting help from. Congress is truly starting to warm up to her. She is allocating money to all the right places. She even remembers all of her old friends like the Shaw Group. How could she not get re-elected?

At 11:42 AM, Anonymous rob said...

Did C. Ray actually say he is not getting a "Guliani Pass"? That is pretty sad he would stoop that low to even begin to suggest he handled this hurricane atrocity with any measure close to the way Guliani resonded so admirably to the 9.11 crisis. No, Ray, you did not earn a Guliani pass. Sheesh!


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