Saturday, October 08, 2005

Mayor Nagin's latest folly...

Ok, so the casino story is out and the lines are developing. It's heartening to learn that some on the City Council are expressing their opposition to the Mayor's latest grasp. For those who're not aware of this story, Mayor Nagin has proposed extending land-based casinos along the Canal St. and Poydras St. corridors between the river and Claiborne Ave. If you care about this issue, please be sure to register your opinion at

Now for my thoughts. First, I agree with Cheezwhiz that this is the desperate act of a desperate politician. Second, casinos are not the cash cow that politcal types always tout to the public; they drain resources away from the local community in the form of gambling losses and send those profits to outside corporations in other states. In Harrah's case, they cry about the tax bill and get the rules amended after-the-fact. Third, this will drive away any serious-minded businesses who might consider adding their resources to the rebuilding of our city.

Finally, as some of you know, I personally enjoy casinos, but I do not believe they are good for my community. I believe that this plays to the image that most of our tourists remember about our city: dirty, semi-legal, and debauched. Someone who knows the heart and soul of New Orleans, realizes that her strength is in her neighborhoods, not her tourist attractions. We were a destination spot long before casino gaming arrived, and we will remain one in the future, granted our leaders do not alter the charm of our town.

One final comment on Mayor Nagin's proposal. He should be ashamed of himself for a long list of things before, during, and after Katrina, but this really pisses me off (pardon my French). Perhaps this is one more final straw with our mayor for me. Mayor Nagin's answer to fixing the city consists of proposing something he has no control over and has the ability to completely destroy the business image of New Orleans. For almost four years now, we've been told what a great businessman Mayor Nagin was and how he would bring corporations pouring in to New Orleans, and now finally we learn what his master stroke is to revive our economy: Casinos.

Pardon my lack of eloquence, but Sheesh!


At 7:48 PM, Blogger Jimmy Huck said...

I don't like it. It doesn't reflect the spirit of New Orleans and I fear that it will suck the soul out of the City. But I can understand why Nagin is proposing this, because it will probably provide a quick infusion of a lot of cash into the region. But at what long-term cost? It just doesn't sit well with me.

At 9:47 PM, Blogger cheezwhiz said...

this is a desperate act by a man who is desperate, confused, fooled by egoism and lack of understanding.

businesspeople did not almost spark a "riot" at the back to business seminar yesterday b/c they wanted to turn the primary avenues for commerce in the city into the next version of the begas strip. they want to work, they want to develop new ideas. they want to make money.

why is nagin demanding that one of these big casino companies locate their HQ in NO if they want to do business here? instead, he is taking the aggressive step of creating a massive class of people reliant on lower middle class, hourly wage. nothing like being reliant on one industry.

at least a few people made a good wage during the oil boom.

this is short sighted and will go down as the second worst idea in the history of the city behind the interstate highway along the river.

how does this help anyone in town - black, white, male, female.

what a joke.

At 8:07 PM, Blogger P.I. Mom said...

I can't help wondering how this guy got elected. He seems the epitome of incompetence - but hey, what do I know....I'm up here on the N.E. coast.

At 4:00 PM, Blogger Modern Day Estella said...

He got elected because at the time he was running, he was the lesser of two evils. I would have voted for a bag of moldy lettuce over Marc Morial, and Nagin had some very good ties to the business community. He seemed honest because he was not a politician. I voted for him (though not in the first primary). Given the same 2 choices again on election day (Oh, I hope not!!!!), I would vote for him again, and then promptly move to another city.

The question people should be asking is not why people voted for Nagin, but rather why nobody who is both honest and qualified has made it to the final vote during the entire time I've been old enough to vote.

At 8:39 PM, Blogger Jimmy Huck said...

hey, modern day estella - Just a point of clarification: Nagin did not run against Morial. Morial, in spite of his best efforts to bully us, was denied the opportunity to amend the City Charter to allow for a third term. No, Nagin ran against and defeated Police Chief Pennington, the man who cleaned up the Polic Department of its bad cops and who oversaw a dramatic Giuliani-esque decrease in all crime statistics. Not a shabby record as a public servant, and certainly not someone who fits the corrupt politico profile you suggest.

At 10:15 AM, Blogger Scott M. Phillips said...

Yes, Huck is correct about Nagin's opponent and that the statistics were improved, though perhaps not the underlying crimes themselves.

At 1:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

while huck is correct about nagin and morial, i have a few issues with chief pennington

the vaunted crime statistics could well have been caused by downplaying the reports. crime here in the 9th ward seemed as bad then as since

if he cleaned out the corrupt cops then these guys must be rookies?


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