Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Cover-up has begun...

Not really begun, as much as continues. As noted previously, the City of New Orleans posted an official emergency plan on its website: http://www.cityofno.com/portal.aspx?portal=46&tabid=26.

Fortunately, knowing this might happen, I saved the relevant portion:

Conduct of an actual evacuation will be the responsibility of the mayor of New Orleans. ...The city of New Orleans will utilize all available resources to quickly and safely evacuate threatened areas. ...Special arrangements will be made to evacuate persons unable to transport themselves or who require specific life-saving assistance. Additional personnel will be recruited to assist in evacuation procedure as needed. ...Approximately 100,000 citizens of New Orleans do not have means of personal transportation.
This link worked not just a couple of days ago, however, now it appears I do not have sufficient access to view the plan. Or, perhaps, it's down for maintenance and retooling to fit circumstances.

Or they're just plain embarrassed.


At 9:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think instead of taking shots at Nagin maybe we should look at out ignorant govornor. She's an idiot, just listen to her speak. Not to mention her logic when she's not reading from a scripted speach. I guess we're to blame brcause Louisianaians voted the retard into office.

Subject: not that Maureen Dowd would ever care, but...

> On Friday night before the storm hit, Max Mayfield of the National
Hurricane Center took the unprecedented action of calling Nagin and
Blanco personally to plead with them to begin MANDATORY evacuation of NO
and they said they'd take it under consideration. This was after the
NOAA buoy 240 miles south had recorded 68' waves before it was
> President Bush spent Friday afternoon and evening in meetings with his
advisors and administrators drafting all of the paperwork required for a
state to request federal assistance (and not be in violation of the
Posse Comitatus Act or having to enact the Insurgency Act).
> Just before midnight Friday evening the President called Governor
Blanco and pleaded with her to sign the request papers so the federal
government and the military could legally begin mobilization and call
up. He was told that they didn't think it necessary for the federal
government to be involved yet. After the President's final call to the
governor she held meetings with her staff to discuss the political
ramifications of bringing federal forces. It was decided that if they
allowed federal assistance it would make it look as if they had failed
so it was agreed upon that the feds would not be invited in.
> Saturday before the storm hit the President again called Blanco and
Nagin requesting they please sign the papers requesting federal
assistance, that they declare the state an emergency area, and begin
mandatory evacuation. After a personal plea from the President Nagin
agreed to order an evacuation, but it would not be a full mandatory
evacuation, and the governor still refused to sign the papers requesting
and authorizing federal action. In frustration the President declared
the area a national disaster area before the state of Louisiana did so
he could legally begin some advanced preparations.
> Rumor has it that the President's legal advisers were looking into the
ramifications of using the insurgency act to bypass the Constitutional
requirement that a state request federal aid before the federal
government can move into state with troops - but that had not been done
since 1906 and the Constitutionality of it was called into question to
use before the disaster.
> Throw in that over half the federal aid of the past decade to NO for
levee construction, maintenance, and repair was diverted to fund a
marina and support the gambling ships. Toss in the investigation that
will look into why the emergency preparedness plan submitted to the
federal government for funding and published on the city's website was
never implemented and in fact may have been bogus for the purpose of
gaining additional federal funding as we now learn that the
organizations identified in the plan were never contacted or
coordinating into any planning - though the document implies that they
> The suffering people of NO need to be asking some hard questions as do
we all, but they better start with why Blanco refused to even sign the
multi-state mutual aid pack activation documents until Wednesday which
further delayed the legal deployment of National Guard from adjoining
states. Or maybe ask why Nagin keeps harping that the President should
have commandeered 500 Greyhound busses to help him when according to his
own emergency plan and documents he claimed to have over 500 busses at
his disposal to use between the local school busses and the city
transportation busses - but he never raised a finger to prepare them or
activate them.
> This is a sad time for all of us to see that a major city has all but
been destroyed and thousands of people have died with hundreds of
thousands more suffering, but it's certainly not a time for people to be
pointing fingers and trying to find a bigger dog to blame for local
corruption and incompetence. Pray to God for the survivors that they can
start their lives anew as fast as possible and we learn from all the
mistakes to avoid them in the future.>


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