Tuesday, September 13, 2005

All gave some, but some gave all...

This being my first post, I must state that I am one of the fortunate ones in the Katrina catastrophe. My family's alive & safe, we have ample resources to support ourselves, and nearly all (more on this later) of our family & friends have been overly generous & helpful. I am and will be forever greatful for these facts.

However, we did lose our home and whatever belongings we couldn't or didn't think to pack in our cars. My wife & I both lost our home-based businesses. Our cat, Princess, disappeared Sunday morning before we evacuated; we hope she's in a shelter or expired quickly. And this pales when compared to what others have lost.

I write these words, not to blame anyone for the storm, but for how they acted before and afterwards. Man cannot stop Mother Nature, if you will, but he can surely prepare to deal with the contingencies and consequences of her acts.

This is why I feel compelled to write.



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